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Easier for Some Than Others
Some people may be fortunate enough to have a parent or close relative, perhaps even a family friend, who has a career that is fascinating to them. However that isn't so for many of us. Sometimes our exposure to different types of work can be somewhat limited. So it is going to take a little work on our part to discover the work we love, by searching, exploring, and discovering.


Consider starting your journey by opening your mind to what work is being done around you. Do you see something that you believe would be a blast to do ALL day long? ALL year long? You may have overlooked some of the more immediate work by not even considering it a career, because it just looks too fun, or too challenging, or too rewarding.

During your search you might need to look beyond your immediate environment. That is where Job Shadow TV can be helpful. Learning a bit about what someone's career is like can help you find an industry that would be appealing to you.


When you find an industry that is of interest, consider volunteering, or better yet get paid to work in some way in that industry. Most industries need to fill entry level positions which might not be what you ultimately want to do. However, by experiencing first hand and watching those around you in the career that you are interested in, it could make all the difference in your decision.


Spend focused time in what you have found in your searching and exploring. Evaluate your heart. Do you see a clear path to your goals? Do you see the lifestyle you desire? Could you live where you want to live? This is your life! Make the choices that lead you to a life you will love to live!

Some of us might be able to leap frog to this final step of discovery, others of us might have to spend a lot of time searching and exploring. Enjoy your journey while looking for your destination!


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