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    Norm Sanders, Service Manager: Overview

    Norm Sanders, Service Manager: What you do

    Norm Sanders, Service Manager: Typical Day

    Norm Sanders, Service Manager: Education and Training

    Service Manager, Residential HVAC and Plumbing

    Service managers wear many hats, the best of which do so with a calm demeanor. When customers are looking for service they can be overly excited or anxious for many reasons. Being the calm in the storm is necessary to comfort the customer and to succeed as a service business. Service managers are positions held in many different industries, such as:

    • Aircraft
    • Appliance
    • Automotive
    • Computer
    • Construction and Building Maintenance and Property Managers
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Locksmiths
    • Power Generation
    • Radio and Telecommunications
    • Transportation and Heavy Equipment

    Financial / Business

    • Responsibility to the business ownership
    • Budgeting
    • Business goals
    • Analyzing financial results
    • Buying the right materials at the right price
    • Verifying customers are billed correctly
    • Marketing Plan
    • Oversee advertising campaigns Make sure the right message is getting out to potential customers Community outreach


    • Scheduling
    • Verify that the right technician is assigned to the right customer repair
    • Quoting pricing for new business
    • On call 24/7

    Human Resources

    • Hire technicians
    • Help employees grow and achieve goals
    • Arrange technical training

    Customer Service

    • Communicating with customers
    • Keeping existing customers content
    • Fielding customer questions
    • Interacting with new/potential customers
    After scanning this list you might come to realize that it takes more than just an eight hour day to accomplish all of this.

    Advice and Soundbites

    To get into the industry, the best way as I say, is the technical training, the trade school, and then progress in. Norm Sanders

    To get into the industry, the best way as I say, is the technical training, the trade school, and then progress in. Norm Sanders

    It is amazing the amount of training you can get from the manufacturers and distributors of all the products that we use. Norm Sanders

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    Gregory, Low Voltage Contractor: Overview

    Gregory, Low Voltage Contractor: What you do

    Gregory, Low Voltage Contractor: Typical Day

    Gregory, Low Voltage Contractor: Education and Training

    Low Voltage Contractor

    Contractors build and improve on the structures that we work and live in. Most contractors are actually subcontractors who contract to do a certain portion of the project for a general (or prime) contractor. Although not every building team will include an A/V (or Low Voltage) contractor, the likely hood is becoming much more common. With electronics and computers becoming an integral part of our daily lives, you are bound to notice these appliances every where you go... including home. Imagine all the pieces that it takes to make this technology seamless. That is where the A/V contractor shines. 12v or Low Voltage Contractor may be licensed to install, service or repair:

    1. Alarm systems
    2. Telephone systems
    3. Sound systems
    4. Intercommunication systems
    5. Public addressing systems
    6. Television or video systems
    7. Low voltage signaling devices
    8. Low voltage landscape lighting that does not exceed 91 volts
    9. Master and program clocks (only low voltage wiring and needed equipment)

    Advice and Soundbites

    I love movies and I was also a singer in a few bands. We put the two things together a few years ago with surround sound in the homes. You know I was in heaven. Gregory

    At some point in time I knew I would have my own business. Gregory

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