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Graphic Designer

05 Jan 2016 1:31 PM | Anonymous

Augusto Herrera, Graphic Designer/Photographer: Overview

Augusto Herrera, Graphic Designer/Photographer: What do you do, Typical Day, Education and Training

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are master communicators. By using images, typography, color, and creativity, they evoke emotion, relevance and understanding to convey a key message. Many of the most successful graphic designers are self-employed.

Graphic design is best understood by looking around yourself at the designs included in:

Business Collateral - logos, images, advertising, graphics, video, typography, packaging, signage, etc. Publications - magazines, newspapers, books Website elements

Graphic designers are talented and imaginative individuals who bring their knowledge of composition, color, typography, communications and marketing together to meet the needs of commercial clients and employers. Staying in tune with the trends in the world around them help them to create the visual products that surround us.

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Advice and Soundbites

If you don't feel passionate about history or about math right now, that's not the trick. The trick is that you've got to learn how to pursue what you like by disciplining yourself to get through the things we don't [feel passionate about]. Augusto Herrera

My first art teacher told me on the first day of class... A laborer is someone who works with their hands. A craftsman is someone who works with their hands and their head. An artist is someone who works with their hands, their head, and their heart. Augusto Herrera

Helpful Football Analogy - Everyone has a different job. The quarterback can't be great unless he has someone to catch the ball, and the receiver can't be great unless he's got a quarterback to give it to him. But in every play, one of the two sides will always succeed and [one will] fail, and that's the trick again is how not to quit. And sometimes things happen, and your quarterback gets sacked... you loose 15 yards, but that doesn't mean you are going to loose the game. Augusto Herrera

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