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Mechanical Engineer (Plumbing)

01 Mar 2015 3:04 PM | Anonymous

Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE, Plumbing Engineer: Overview

Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE, Plumbing Engineer: What do you do?

Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE, Plumbing Engineer: Typical Day

Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE, Plumbing Engineer: Education and Training

Mechanical Engineer (Plumbing Designer)

There are many types of consulting engineers who assist architects in the design, planning, and inspection of a building being constructed or renovated. As a minimum, these consulting engineers typically include structural, civil, electrical, and mechanical.

A plumbing engineer is a sub-category of the consulting mechanical engineering discipline. Plumbing engineers design and evaluate plumbing and piping systems by apply engineering principles, component and system knowledge to appropriately design and guide plumbing system installations and renovations.

In the construction industry, consulting engineering firms are most often hired by architects, building owners, contractors, and sometimes other consulting engineering firms.

Don't be confused... Plumbing engineers are not plumbers.

Advice and Soundbites

It's made my life a full and enjoyable life. Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE

There definitely is a door for a perspective person to make a really good living and really like what they do. I really enjoy what I do throughout my day. Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE

I will be able to comfortably tell you as your life continues you will be in more of a demand. There are less people coming into the engineering firm, which means you are going to become much more valuable. Mike Olson, CPD, FASPE


PE - A professional engineer as designated by individual state licensing bureaus. Requires work experience and proficiency demonstrated through testing.

EIT - Engineer in Training. This designation comes through state license testing

ASPE - American Society of Plumbing Engineers

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

BTU - British Thermal Unit (a measure of energy)

Pyrophoric - An exception to the fire triangle. This classification indicated ignition does not require a spark. Meaning that it will ignite when exposed to oxygen (air) alone.

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